After many many months in the making, I am overjoyed to be sharing my new music with you. It was a process - like most beautiful things - and well worth the wait, if I dare say so myself. I am proud of this creation and I hope my music speaks to you.

I am so grateful for Sam Wylde from Fable Productions who has journeyed with me throughout the evolution of each song. He has put so much into this EP, we wrote four of the five songs together (all except Pieces) and he is the master behind all the production (instruments, sounds, everything!) What a genius. 

I also have some wonderful people to thank...

Jackson Venables the legend for playing additional guitar in Change Your Mind, Hands of Mine and Pieces, plus bass for Pieces

Priya Cullen for creating the EP artwork and taking photo's of me, you make this awkward face look good, thank you for everything darling. 

Chris Travaglini for playing additional guitar and organ in Pieces.

Elliot Smith for smashing out additional drums. 

James Newhouse for always being the mixing master and King Willy Sound for mastering the tracks.