Creative Fruition Juice

I can't believe it has already been two weeks since my EP release and launch! I've been on a high ever since. It's so good having something you've worked on for a long time (after having put so much energy into it!) come to fruition. I think that's the first time I've ever used the word fruition. So much good fruit everywhere, yay! If you came to my show, thank you. If you've listened to my EP or purchased a hard copy, thank you. I couldn't do all of this without my beautiful listeners. 

Here's a shot that from the night (photo cred: Jim Hall). He took a whole bunch of great pics, so if you want to look at them all, click here. 


Today I've been working on a new song in our studio, Fable Productions. I love this place, it's so magical. My creative juices flow like nothing else when I'm here! Weird statement, but true. Yum, creative fruition juice. Sam produced my whole EP (what a legend) and he's working on all kinds of projects, so if you'd like to get creative you should contact him. Obviously would very highly recommend! 

I was so so very inspired by a live show I went a saw last night. Emily King and Harry James Angus. Both absolute musical legends! I was buzzing. Check out their music if you want to listen to greatness. Or feel inspired, like me right now. Seriously, I wrote and recorded a new song today... it's the best feeling! 

I had a lot of fun doing a little photoshoot with the amazing Erikson Nygaard last week. I'll show you some of the photo's now! They're pretty fresh. Shoutout to my sisters for giving me their nice clothes to wear, haha! 


Anyway, I need to get a move on! I'm teaching this afternoon. Yes, I teach! Singing, of course. And songwriting (well, I help you with songwriting - it's a hard thing to say you "teach"). If you'd like to learn more about either of those things, I'd love to hear from you. I don't really advertise that I teach but it is my main job! What can I say... I guess I just love seeing peoples creative juices come to fruition. My email is :) 

Chat again soon! Thanks for reading x