Nutella and Red Wine

I started the day feeling like an absolute sloth, knowing I had a lot to do but also knowing that it was my choice whether or not to do it all... Do I procrastinate? Or do I snap into business mode? My mind resembled scrambled eggs and my heart was a little shrivelled. Like a tiny sun-blazed sultana. But I pulled myself together (after eating nutella out of the tub, not even with a spoon) and smashed out some work! Yes, I deserve this red wine I am drinking after today - and I like how it is helping me with visual representations of words.

I made this! 

I know, my face is huge but it looks pretty nice don't you reckon? I should cover it with hair more often. Maybe grow a beard. My little sister Priya took this photo and she's the kind of girl everyone likes, that's why I chose it. Logical! 

I also purchased an outdoor setting from Bunnings. I'm way too excited about it. I've been trying to put it together this evening, which is becoming more and more hilarious after each sip of wine. I did some work in the studio, OH and I made a ticket page on my website (you can check it out if you want, maybe even buy a ticket to see my show!?) That took me way longer than I thought it would, so many confusing things to learn! I also folded my washing which is important for you to know. I'm rather particular with my folding. Except for fitted sheets (sorry mum) they are the WORST and I know how I'm meant to fold them (cause my mumma taught me) but it's too annoying! 

Anyway, I really do hope you can come to my show. I'm really nervous and excited about it. I'm also nervous and excited about my trip to NZ on Friday! Nervous because I'm scared of flying, but excited because it's going to be an amazing couple of weeks. It's been a while since Sam and I have holiday-d. I'm going to get refreshed and write music! Good plan. Okay, back to assembling the outdoor furniture. Wish me luck!