Wee wee's and drugs

I'm writing this while overhearing my husband watch a documentary on urine sampling. I think it's about cheating in sport with wee wee's. Moral of the story; Don't do drugs sport people, but if you do make sure you save up your wee for future drug tests. (I'm being silly).

Speaking of drugs, Sam (my husband) is currently on a lot of them after fracturing his humerus on Christmas Eve during an arm wrestle (I'm not being silly now, I'm being serious). It sucked a lot. We spent the rest of the night and a chunk of Christmas Day in the Emergency Department, worrying about if Sam's nerve had been damaged (meaning he wouldn't be able to play piano for a really long time). He had surgery two days after Christmas and was out of hospital the following day. His hand is working, which made me cry much happy tears. I'm still emotional about all of it. We are very blessed to live in this country, not having to spend a cent throughout this whole process. I can't imagine how much more depressing a huge medical bill would be during such a sucky time. 

Anyway, today is my first day back in my own home since the drama. My mind is spinning remembering that the new year has already happened and I'm meant to be chasing all these goals and stuff. I reckon I'll chill for a bit longer, and focus on being Sam's right hand man. ANTI DOPING! That was the word I needed to know for the first paragraph. Damn I missed my chance. 

Also, if you haven't tried the almond croissants from Mary St Bakery (in Perth, Australia lol) then you should. I just inhaled one. 

It's been nice to randomly vent and not talk about music. I am definitely thinking about it all the time though. I know this year will be a good one! Can't wait to release my EP next month... Remember, 16th of Feb at The Odd Fellow - keep it in your mind so you can come :) 

Good things, 

Chels x