Hands of Mine

Happy launch day to meeee! I'm very excited to share this one with you. Look at the cool artwork I made. My sister Priya took this photo of me in my parents shed. I wasn't really photoshoot-ready outfit wise but look, I put earrings on and did a sassy pose so basically I'm a model. 

I'm a bit nervous for tonight (I'm not telling anyone this except for you, my favourite people who read my awkward writings). I lost my voice two days ago, it's the end of term and I got the flu and did a really intense gig. I can talk now which is very exciting! But I'm trying my best not to talk (which is really hard for me) or sing until tonight. Hopefully I can save up a full tank of kick-ass vocal energy so I can smash the set! Either way I'll give it a million percent and it'll be a fun time! 

I have a few people I would like to thank. With all my heat, Sam Wylde. He wrote this song with me and produced it, so everything cool about the track is his doing! So much talent! Jackson Venables came to Sam's studio this one time and we played him this song... And then he absolutely smashed out some gorgeous guitar parts. An incredibly generous and talented human! Elliot Smith is the boss of beats, and we had a blast recording addition drums at Villanova for this track. My favourite and expert sound man/genius, James Newhouse, mixed it to perfection like a delicious curry full of spices. I'm a very lucky lady. 

I hope you enjoy the song! I'm really looking forward to tonight. I'm also looking forward to releasing my entire EP in February 2018! I'll be doing a launch at The Odd Fellow on the 16th of Feb so pop that date in a safe place. 

Okay time for me to drink more ginger honey tea and steam my face with a bowl of boiling water. Thanks for reading my dear friends! x