Finally Bloody Launching Something!

Yes, that's right. I'm very excited about it too. My single launch is happening at Bar Four5Nine on Thursday the 7th of December. Then I've booked my EP launch at The Odd Fellow on Friday the 16th of February 2018. Right after I get back from a good time in New Zealand, what a dream! Look I made a cool poster featuring my family pet, Teddy the German Shepherd. We just caught him at a bad time, he's the sweetest little wuss bag in real life. I hope you can come!

Chelsea Cullen Poster.png

This Sunday I'm recording a live video at Villanova (the coolest studio place that Sam and I happen to be part of!) of my final song for my EP. Whenever I sing this song it takes me to a very sore place, the edge of myself. That's what the song is called (Edge of Myself). In the chorus I sing "Is it so bad to get lost inside your mind? I'm the only one who I know who will find me. Is it so bad to get lost inside your brain? ... I don't know. Lovely, I think that it's time for you to love me again". As in loving my own self! That is a hard thing to learn and journey through. Whenever I sing those words I am taken right to all my weaknesses, but I'm looking at myself from above, kind of like those dreams (or nightmares) that you have where you can see everything play out but you're kind of like a ghost. Strangely enough, I love going to that place as I sing. Being vulnerable is hard but it's worth it. I feel like singing this song over my past pain and current confusion brings perspective and peace. Deep breaths, closed eyes, open hands, soft heart. 

"Lovely, I think that it's time for you to love me again".

"Lovely, I think that it's time for you to love me again".

Right now I'm in the studio, listening and learning songs for future shows. I'm looking forward to this one a lot! Gospel music is my favourite, and look at all the amazing musicians I get to perform with! Plus delicious food!? What the heck, this is heaven on earth. There's even this funky poster! 


So I'll leave you with this word. Courage. That is what I ask for. I don't need answers, I just need the courage to continue to walk through the path set before me. Speaking of courage... I went on a MONSTER hike with some friends this weekend and it literally brought me to the edge of myself in every single way hahaha. Far out, it almost destroyed me but the courage came when I needed it and I conquered. And I would do it all again! 

Thank you very much for reading x