Sprinkle cool around the place.

I am very impressed with you right now. You're reading my blog. You're one of the very few (maybe the only one!) who will read this... So thanks! 

In a month or so, I will be a full-time musician. I'm taking the leap of faith. And I'm very determined to not jump into whatever comes my way. No more yes to everything! Only sometimes yes. I want to choose and do stuff I want to do. I know that sounds very selfish, maybe a bit princess-like. But I think it's what everyone else wants to do, so if I can do it and do it well then good for me right!? 

I've got an EP that I'm really proud of. I'm releasing it next year, maybe February. The music is done and it has been mixed - it just needs to be mastered. I wanted to have an EP launch this year but time is running out, and venues don't think I'm cool (yet, mwahaha). It's been a struggle, maybe a story for another day. I'm going to get a single out before the year is up though! Have a cool little launch night. Maybe make a cool little video clip. Sprinkle lots of cool around the place. 

Sam has been amazing. He's my husband, a full-time musician himself actually. Kick-ass producer/songwriter/everything great. If it wasn't for him, I don't think I'd be leaping this leap. I wasn't going to go to America when I was 18 and an awesome opportunity presented itself to me, but he encouraged the crap out of me and I got my butt over there. And I loved it. There's so many epic moments throughout my life that he is responsible for! I wouldn't have written this EP without his help. You need people in your life who see the best in you and draw it out. I've got a lot of people in my world who do that, especially within my music world (which makes up most of my world really). It has been a joy to write and jam with insanely talented musicians over the last few months, planing and dreaming of future endeavours. It makes it all so much more wonderful, when you have people who share in your passion and are constantly building each other up! 

Anyway, I should probably get some sleep. My website has been expired for a while, so I just renewed it and realised how boring it was. I've probably made it worse with my pointless paragraphs but my heart has been reminded of how grateful it is to be living this life. Here's a picture my beautiful little sister Priya Cullen took of me in my parents shed a few months ago. 

PS - yesterday my mum cut me a fringe and I love it. Obviously not pictured below. I feel super hip and also like I'm 5 years old going to kindy. A great combo I reckon!