Creative Fruition Juice

I can't believe it has already been two weeks since my EP release and launch! I've been on a high ever since. It's so good having something you've worked on for a long time (after having put so much energy into it!) come to fruition. I think that's the first time I've ever used the word fruition. So much good fruit everywhere, yay! If you came to my show, thank you. If you've listened to my EP or purchased a hard copy, thank you. I couldn't do all of this without my beautiful listeners. 

Here's a shot that from the night (photo cred: Jim Hall). He took a whole bunch of great pics, so if you want to look at them all, click here. 


Today I've been working on a new song in our studio, Fable Productions. I love this place, it's so magical. My creative juices flow like nothing else when I'm here! Weird statement, but true. Yum, creative fruition juice. Sam produced my whole EP (what a legend) and he's working on all kinds of projects, so if you'd like to get creative you should contact him. Obviously would very highly recommend! 

I was so so very inspired by a live show I went a saw last night. Emily King and Harry James Angus. Both absolute musical legends! I was buzzing. Check out their music if you want to listen to greatness. Or feel inspired, like me right now. Seriously, I wrote and recorded a new song today... it's the best feeling! 

I had a lot of fun doing a little photoshoot with the amazing Erikson Nygaard last week. I'll show you some of the photo's now! They're pretty fresh. Shoutout to my sisters for giving me their nice clothes to wear, haha! 


Anyway, I need to get a move on! I'm teaching this afternoon. Yes, I teach! Singing, of course. And songwriting (well, I help you with songwriting - it's a hard thing to say you "teach"). If you'd like to learn more about either of those things, I'd love to hear from you. I don't really advertise that I teach but it is my main job! What can I say... I guess I just love seeing peoples creative juices come to fruition. My email is :) 

Chat again soon! Thanks for reading x

Nutella and Red Wine

I started the day feeling like an absolute sloth, knowing I had a lot to do but also knowing that it was my choice whether or not to do it all... Do I procrastinate? Or do I snap into business mode? My mind resembled scrambled eggs and my heart was a little shrivelled. Like a tiny sun-blazed sultana. But I pulled myself together (after eating nutella out of the tub, not even with a spoon) and smashed out some work! Yes, I deserve this red wine I am drinking after today - and I like how it is helping me with visual representations of words.

I made this! 

I know, my face is huge but it looks pretty nice don't you reckon? I should cover it with hair more often. Maybe grow a beard. My little sister Priya took this photo and she's the kind of girl everyone likes, that's why I chose it. Logical! 

I also purchased an outdoor setting from Bunnings. I'm way too excited about it. I've been trying to put it together this evening, which is becoming more and more hilarious after each sip of wine. I did some work in the studio, OH and I made a ticket page on my website (you can check it out if you want, maybe even buy a ticket to see my show!?) That took me way longer than I thought it would, so many confusing things to learn! I also folded my washing which is important for you to know. I'm rather particular with my folding. Except for fitted sheets (sorry mum) they are the WORST and I know how I'm meant to fold them (cause my mumma taught me) but it's too annoying! 

Anyway, I really do hope you can come to my show. I'm really nervous and excited about it. I'm also nervous and excited about my trip to NZ on Friday! Nervous because I'm scared of flying, but excited because it's going to be an amazing couple of weeks. It's been a while since Sam and I have holiday-d. I'm going to get refreshed and write music! Good plan. Okay, back to assembling the outdoor furniture. Wish me luck!

Wee wee's and drugs

I'm writing this while overhearing my husband watch a documentary on urine sampling. I think it's about cheating in sport with wee wee's. Moral of the story; Don't do drugs sport people, but if you do make sure you save up your wee for future drug tests. (I'm being silly).

Speaking of drugs, Sam (my husband) is currently on a lot of them after fracturing his humerus on Christmas Eve during an arm wrestle (I'm not being silly now, I'm being serious). It sucked a lot. We spent the rest of the night and a chunk of Christmas Day in the Emergency Department, worrying about if Sam's nerve had been damaged (meaning he wouldn't be able to play piano for a really long time). He had surgery two days after Christmas and was out of hospital the following day. His hand is working, which made me cry much happy tears. I'm still emotional about all of it. We are very blessed to live in this country, not having to spend a cent throughout this whole process. I can't imagine how much more depressing a huge medical bill would be during such a sucky time. 

Anyway, today is my first day back in my own home since the drama. My mind is spinning remembering that the new year has already happened and I'm meant to be chasing all these goals and stuff. I reckon I'll chill for a bit longer, and focus on being Sam's right hand man. ANTI DOPING! That was the word I needed to know for the first paragraph. Damn I missed my chance. 

Also, if you haven't tried the almond croissants from Mary St Bakery (in Perth, Australia lol) then you should. I just inhaled one. 

It's been nice to randomly vent and not talk about music. I am definitely thinking about it all the time though. I know this year will be a good one! Can't wait to release my EP next month... Remember, 16th of Feb at The Odd Fellow - keep it in your mind so you can come :) 

Good things, 

Chels x

Hands of Mine

Happy launch day to meeee! I'm very excited to share this one with you. Look at the cool artwork I made. My sister Priya took this photo of me in my parents shed. I wasn't really photoshoot-ready outfit wise but look, I put earrings on and did a sassy pose so basically I'm a model. 

I'm a bit nervous for tonight (I'm not telling anyone this except for you, my favourite people who read my awkward writings). I lost my voice two days ago, it's the end of term and I got the flu and did a really intense gig. I can talk now which is very exciting! But I'm trying my best not to talk (which is really hard for me) or sing until tonight. Hopefully I can save up a full tank of kick-ass vocal energy so I can smash the set! Either way I'll give it a million percent and it'll be a fun time! 

I have a few people I would like to thank. With all my heat, Sam Wylde. He wrote this song with me and produced it, so everything cool about the track is his doing! So much talent! Jackson Venables came to Sam's studio this one time and we played him this song... And then he absolutely smashed out some gorgeous guitar parts. An incredibly generous and talented human! Elliot Smith is the boss of beats, and we had a blast recording addition drums at Villanova for this track. My favourite and expert sound man/genius, James Newhouse, mixed it to perfection like a delicious curry full of spices. I'm a very lucky lady. 

I hope you enjoy the song! I'm really looking forward to tonight. I'm also looking forward to releasing my entire EP in February 2018! I'll be doing a launch at The Odd Fellow on the 16th of Feb so pop that date in a safe place. 

Okay time for me to drink more ginger honey tea and steam my face with a bowl of boiling water. Thanks for reading my dear friends! x

Finally Bloody Launching Something!

Yes, that's right. I'm very excited about it too. My single launch is happening at Bar Four5Nine on Thursday the 7th of December. Then I've booked my EP launch at The Odd Fellow on Friday the 16th of February 2018. Right after I get back from a good time in New Zealand, what a dream! Look I made a cool poster featuring my family pet, Teddy the German Shepherd. We just caught him at a bad time, he's the sweetest little wuss bag in real life. I hope you can come!

Chelsea Cullen Poster.png

This Sunday I'm recording a live video at Villanova (the coolest studio place that Sam and I happen to be part of!) of my final song for my EP. Whenever I sing this song it takes me to a very sore place, the edge of myself. That's what the song is called (Edge of Myself). In the chorus I sing "Is it so bad to get lost inside your mind? I'm the only one who I know who will find me. Is it so bad to get lost inside your brain? ... I don't know. Lovely, I think that it's time for you to love me again". As in loving my own self! That is a hard thing to learn and journey through. Whenever I sing those words I am taken right to all my weaknesses, but I'm looking at myself from above, kind of like those dreams (or nightmares) that you have where you can see everything play out but you're kind of like a ghost. Strangely enough, I love going to that place as I sing. Being vulnerable is hard but it's worth it. I feel like singing this song over my past pain and current confusion brings perspective and peace. Deep breaths, closed eyes, open hands, soft heart. 

"Lovely, I think that it's time for you to love me again".

"Lovely, I think that it's time for you to love me again".

Right now I'm in the studio, listening and learning songs for future shows. I'm looking forward to this one a lot! Gospel music is my favourite, and look at all the amazing musicians I get to perform with! Plus delicious food!? What the heck, this is heaven on earth. There's even this funky poster! 


So I'll leave you with this word. Courage. That is what I ask for. I don't need answers, I just need the courage to continue to walk through the path set before me. Speaking of courage... I went on a MONSTER hike with some friends this weekend and it literally brought me to the edge of myself in every single way hahaha. Far out, it almost destroyed me but the courage came when I needed it and I conquered. And I would do it all again! 

Thank you very much for reading x

Sprinkle cool around the place.

I am very impressed with you right now. You're reading my blog. You're one of the very few (maybe the only one!) who will read this... So thanks! 

In a month or so, I will be a full-time musician. I'm taking the leap of faith. And I'm very determined to not jump into whatever comes my way. No more yes to everything! Only sometimes yes. I want to choose and do stuff I want to do. I know that sounds very selfish, maybe a bit princess-like. But I think it's what everyone else wants to do, so if I can do it and do it well then good for me right!? 

I've got an EP that I'm really proud of. I'm releasing it next year, maybe February. The music is done and it has been mixed - it just needs to be mastered. I wanted to have an EP launch this year but time is running out, and venues don't think I'm cool (yet, mwahaha). It's been a struggle, maybe a story for another day. I'm going to get a single out before the year is up though! Have a cool little launch night. Maybe make a cool little video clip. Sprinkle lots of cool around the place. 

Sam has been amazing. He's my husband, a full-time musician himself actually. Kick-ass producer/songwriter/everything great. If it wasn't for him, I don't think I'd be leaping this leap. I wasn't going to go to America when I was 18 and an awesome opportunity presented itself to me, but he encouraged the crap out of me and I got my butt over there. And I loved it. There's so many epic moments throughout my life that he is responsible for! I wouldn't have written this EP without his help. You need people in your life who see the best in you and draw it out. I've got a lot of people in my world who do that, especially within my music world (which makes up most of my world really). It has been a joy to write and jam with insanely talented musicians over the last few months, planing and dreaming of future endeavours. It makes it all so much more wonderful, when you have people who share in your passion and are constantly building each other up! 

Anyway, I should probably get some sleep. My website has been expired for a while, so I just renewed it and realised how boring it was. I've probably made it worse with my pointless paragraphs but my heart has been reminded of how grateful it is to be living this life. Here's a picture my beautiful little sister Priya Cullen took of me in my parents shed a few months ago. 

PS - yesterday my mum cut me a fringe and I love it. Obviously not pictured below. I feel super hip and also like I'm 5 years old going to kindy. A great combo I reckon!